Cost of Doing Business

Hyderabad offers an attractive value proposition for businesses to optimize on costs – low cost of real estate, low power tariff, extraordinary infrastructure and most important high-quality talent pool with lower cost and attrition rates compared to any other metro city in the Country.

Cost of Power

Cost of Talent

The salary trends in Hyderabad are one of the most attractive for firms planning to set up business or expand their existing business in Hyderabad. When compared to other metro cities, Hyderabad’s salary rates are approximately 10% lesser for typical IT roles and approximately 15-20% lesser when also considering other non-tech roles.

In a city-wise study done by HR consulting firm Kelly Services, it was found that, against a national attrition rate of 16.3%, the attrition rate in Hyderabad was the lowest (11%) when compared with other metro cities: Bengaluru (19%), Delhi (18%), Chennai (15%), Mumbai (14%) and Kolkata (12%).

Combination of Ease of Doing Business with a vibrant ecosystem and Lower Cost of doing Business, has made Hyderabad the preferred destination for global investors