Destination India

  • 3rd largest in the world by volume of drugs (Business World)
  • 2nd largest country to have USFDA approved manufacturing plants outside US (PWC)
  • 10th largest in world by value of drugs (India Pharma 2020, by McKinsey)
  • Growth potential
    • Pharmaceutical sector is expected to grow to US$ 100 bn by 2025 from US$ 20.70 billion in FY20 (IBEF)
    • Currently, India is the 4th largest medical devices market in Asia after Japan, China and South Korea. The medical devices market will grow to US$ bn by 2025; as per industry estimates in 2019,
    • biotechnology industry to reach US$ 100 bn by 2025 with an average growth rate of 30% y-o-y. (IBEF)
  • Supplies over 60% global demand for vaccines (Invest India)
  • Accounts for 20% of global exports in generic drugs. (Invest India)
  • Pharma exports are worth at US$ 19.3 bn (Invest India)
  • 33% less manufacturing cost than that of the US. (Invest India)
  • Healthcare is expected to cross US$ 372 billion by 2022. (Economic times)
  • Generic market is expected to reach US$ 88 billion by 2021. (IBEF)
  • 3,000+ pharma companies and a strong network of 10,500+ manufacturing facilities (Invest India)
  • 100% FDI in pharmaceutical sector is permissible through automatic route for greenfield investment and up to 74% for brownfield investment. (Invest India)

Key growth drivers for Life Sciences sector in India