Biopharmaceutical companies aspire to advance a molecule from the laboratory to the clinic as quickly as possible without sacrificing product quality, process efficiency, or patient safety. 


The Government of Telangana has proposed to set up an INR denominated Alternate Investment Fund vehicle (AIF) under Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Regulations, 2012. 


BioAsia is an international business convention promoted by the Government of Telangana in partnership with Government of India and Federation of Asian Biotech Associations [FABA].

Skill Development

Government of Telangana in partnership with the leading vaccine industries conceptualized and rolled-out a unique industry-led Vaccine Skill Development program to build capabilities in Biopharma industry.


Government of Telangana State has announced the setting up of a multi-industry supported innovation and technology hub for Flow Chemistry in Hyderabad as an initiative