Biopharmaceutical companies aspire to advance a molecule from the laboratory to the clinic as quickly as possible without sacrificing product quality, process efficiency, or patient safety. To achieve this goal, companies must navigate the complexities associated with business planning, cell line development, process development, technology, and regulatory and risk assessment. In this context, Government of Telangana has taken the lead by developing B-Hub, a biopharma scale-up lab with separate areas for cell-line development, media screening, clone selection, upstream and downstream process development and small-scale production (200L) for pre-clinical studies.

Biopharma Hub (or B-Hub) is a first of its kind initiative in the country, aimed at providing much needed support to the biopharma R&D activities. B-Hub features a scale-up manufacturing facility along with a GLP grade turnkey incubator within a built-up area of 40,000 Square Feet. Establishment of an end-to-end biopharma scale-up manufacturing facility will give domestic companies the required impetus viz-a-viz Korea, China and France who have taken lead in biopharma innovation. With companies aggressively embarking on the global biologics and biosimilars opportunity, a Biopharma scale-up facility will help them leapfrog in their endeavor, while reducing the time to market.


B-Hub facility is being set up through Public Private Partnership in Genome Valley, which is India’s first organized cluster for life sciences R&D and clean manufacturing activities. Genome Valley is a unique cluster and the kind of cutting-edge scientific efforts happening in Genome Valley is just unmatchable by any other cluster in India and perhaps Asia. Given the rich mix of global and multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Genome Valley is well positioned to host such a common scale-up manufacturing facility