Ready Built Facilities

  • Multitenant
  • More facilities are planned under addition

Basic Infrastructure

  • Roads already developed
  • 14 TMC Water Reservoir in 1 KM (crow path) distance
  • Adequate power available – Power Surplus State
  • Natural Gas Station in the vicinity

Testing Facilities
National Animal Resource Facility of ICMR and Government of Telangana

  • Genome Valley is home to the Country’s largest animal resource and testing facility by Government of India.
  • Certifying authority for all biological drugs, vaccines & pharma products, etc. – Mandatory requirement of DCGI
  • Comprehensive range of testing – Non-human primates (NHPs), Canines, Porcine, Equines, Sheep and goats, Lagomorphs and rodents of different strains including specialized strains such as transgenic and knockouts

Effluent treatment plant and solid disposal facility

Analytical Testing Services