Genome Valley 2.0

Genome Valley 2.0 is vision to upgrade this cluster into world-class knowledge led integrated corridor in self-sufficient life sciences ecosystem. With more than 200 companies, Genome Valley today has the potential to grow as a strong economic centre of the region. To drive the comprehensive development for Genome Valley and to put forth Hyderabad’s aspiration to be the global R&D hub, the Regional Master Plan for Genome Valley 2.0 was conceptualised. In this context, Government had partnered with globally reputed master planning consultants M/s. Jurong Consultants India Pvt Ltd (a member of Surbana Jurong (SJ) group) to develop a Regional Master Plan for the Genome Valley 2.0 cluster.

Development goals: 

  • “An Integrated & Connected city” – focusing on a transit-oriented development for seamless connectivity to Hyderabad city. 
  • “An Innovative & Vibrant Economic city” – targeting economic diversification with increased employment opportunities to attract the best organizations and talent.
  • “A Liveable & Self-Sustained city” – the idea is to promote decentralising the congested city, while attracting people with choices for residential areas located closer to workplace. The residential districts will be developed with activated public spaces, and social amenities within walking distance, creating an ideal environment where people can live, work, play and learn in a cohesive manner.
  • “An Ecologically Sustained & Enriched city” – The unique location of Genome Valley 2.0, nestled close to green expanses, creates a climate positive environment and provides an opportunity to strengthen the lush green abundance along river and stream edges.
  • Strategies to improve efficiency include climate-responsive design, creation of robust infrastructure, future ready development and adoption of sustainability guidelines.

Additionally, an initiative to conserve the environmentally sensitive areas around Genome Valley to create the ecological hub as an anchor for the enriched development is also being prioritized for conservation and up-gradation. The holistic Vision, Goals and strategies for Genome Valley 2.0 will be instrumental in the region’s growth as an economic centre enshrined in nature establishing a new hub in Hyderabad and transforming Genome Valley into a world’s stage for innovation and development.